What makes us different

Sarie-Eldin & Partners Legal Advisorsis a leading law firm - established by Dr. Hani Sarie-Eldin in 2007, to provide first class effective legal services and advices. The Firm specializes in Business and Commercial law, including Capital Markets, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As), Initial Public Offering (IPOs), Private Placements, Banking, Corporate Finance, Project Finance, Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects, Corporate Restructuring, Commercial Agencies, Real Estate Development Projects, and Information Technology. Moreover, the firm has strong Arbitration and Litigation departments which represent clients on major business and commercial disputes.

The firm has a dedicated Procedures and Government Relations department, which carries out all relevant corporate and administrative matters for clients and supports the practice of the firm’s other departments.


Sarie-Eldin & Partners Legal Advisors is committed to providing valued clients with the highest quality legal services, addressing their legal requirements in the most effective and efficient manner. The firm applies strict quality control measures, and ensures that its lawyers are highly qualified to provide top-notch legal services to all its clients.



Sarie-Eldin & Partners Legal Advisors believes in establishing a law firm which exemplifies ethics and excellence. The firm envisages and frequently pursue continuous growth within domestic and regional markets and cementing the foundation for a leading firm in the MENA region through instilling a culture that embraces corporate governance, diligence, integrity and transparency.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Sarie-Eldin & Partners Legal Advisors strongly stands for corporate social responsibility (CSR) because it believes that one cannot prosper independently in the absence of a sound social context. Sarie-Eldin & Partners Legal Advisors aspires to have a community that is, to the extent feasible, free of crimes, poverty, ignorance, social injustice, and most crucially geared towards education and human development.

Sarie-Eldin & Partners Legal Advisors has integrated CSR into its corporate policy; offering services free of charge to any of its clients who wish to pursue CSR work in Egypt. Sarie-Eldin & Partners Legal Advisors advises Al-Fayed family, the Komen and Egyptian Breast Cancer Foundation, and Ahl Masr Hospital for all their CSR related work.

Furthermore, Sarie-Eldin & Partners Legal Advisors’ lawyers regularly participate as lecturers and speakers in public forums and educational programs to reach and empower relevant communities transferring their knowledge and sharing their experiences. Sarie-Eldin & Partners Legal Advisors’ team also takes part in several legal and judicial reform programs as part of its commitment to the continuous development of the industry following global trends and setting new standards.


Legal Education

Sarie-Eldin & Partners Legal Advisors regularly sponsors and conducts legal seminars and events for practicing lawyers and law students from Egyptian law faculties. Sarie-Eldin & Partners Legal Advisors also maintains an active summer internship program, wherein the firm aims to select outstanding law students who show promise and dedication to a legal career to join its team.

For more info about internship program, please contact info@sarieldin.com.