Sep 25, 2018

The Egyptian Olympic Committee has approved the Guideline Regulations of the Egyptian Basketball Federation (EBF), prepared by Sarie-Eldin & Partners - Legal Advisors. The amended regulation affirms granting of all authorities to EFB’s General Assembly in accordance with the new Sports Law and the Olympic Committee’s regulations. By virtue of the new regulation, the EBF’s General Assembly has all the right to make their decisions, including a full financial, technical and administrative supervision on all its branches.

A new regulation stipulates that EBF’s membership candidates shall be players who participated in the highest level of the basketball for a duration not less than one season.

The EBF’s also honored Sarie-Eldin & Partners - Legal Advisors for its efforts in handling and winning their legal cases. The EBF’s Chairman, Magdy Abu Farikha handed over EBF’s shield to Dr. Hani Sarie-Eldin.